Superior Crushed Stone was open for business on May 26, 2006. Since then we have seen tremendous growth and demand for our products has more than tripled.
— John Schuler, Superior Crushed Stone

What We've Achieved

Prior to our opening, Superior Crushed Stone management took a deep look at area growth and product demand forecasts to help analyze and set up the most effective and efficient operation possible in order to produce product at the highest quality for the best value. In turn, Superior Crushed Stone has been able to manufacture every possible crushed limestone aggregate for a much more reasonable cost to our customers.

This has allowed us to gain an impeccable reputation with our customers and has placed us in the forefront of present and future product demands.  Superior Crushed Stone owns a fleet of 10, 24 ton tractor trailers in order to provide a cost effective solution for product delivery.

Please contact the Sales Representative in order to get a freight quote for your job.  Superior Crushed Stone also works with the best in outsourced aggregate hauling companies in order to provide our customers with a very flexible and hassle free way of product ordering and delivery. Please contact us in order to get a personalized material and freight quote as needed per project.